[Webtest] Memory Leak in Canoo?

Ritesh Trivedi Ritesh Trivedi" <ritesh.trivedi@gmail.com
Wed, 29 Nov 2006 14:30:53 -0800


I am calling Canoo testcase programatically through Ant API from my
java program. There is a memory leak in Canoo which causes
OOMException after 10-12 th call to the Canoo target. Note: Non canoo
based targets in the ant build files work fine without issues (loop
forever without any leaks).

I ran JProbe on it and have found multiple locations one specific
issue I remember was classloader specific static variables are being
declared, my feeling is its causing AntClassLoader to hang around and
new Antclassloader loads another set of classes eventually going out
of memory.

Has anyone encountered this problem?