[Webtest] Mobile Devices (and their subsequent testing)

Paul King Paul King <paulk@asert.com.au>
Tue, 05 Dec 2006 21:43:18 +1000

Hi Mike, WebTest can be used to test WML and other XML type content
applicable to mobile devices.  There is no special support for
talking to mobile device emulators at this stage.
Do you have a specific requirement?

Cheers, Paul.

Goldberger, Michael wrote:
> Hi there everyone,
>                         I would like to throw a general question out to 
> the Canoo WebTest community and that is what methods (if any) are in use 
> for automated web testing for mobile devices (ie: Blackberry, Treo, 
> etc.). As a follow up to that question, I would also be curious to know 
> if anybody knows of any plans to extend Canoo into the mobile devices 
> arena and a timescale on which that may occur. This is mostly an open 
> forum type of question to determine preferred tools by the automated 
> testing community for testing on mobile devices.
> Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions that anyone might offer.
> Mike