[Webtest] help login page

mamtha lalith mamtha lalith <mamthalalith@yahoo.com>
Thu, 7 Dec 2006 05:01:18 -0800 (PST)

hello everyone,

i have been looking at canoo webtest since past 4 5
days and it looks really intresting as i wanted to use
for my project.
i have written some xml files to test my application
with around 75% of success.
my first page is a login page so i wrote the following
			<invoke description="Welcome" url=""/>
			<setInputField description="set username"
value="${Login ID}" name="id"/>
			<verifyInputField description="set username"
name="id" value="${Login ID}" />
			<setInputField description="set password" value="a"
			<verifyInputField description="set password"
name="password" value="a"/>
			<clickButton label="Sign In" description="Click the
submit button"/>
and i did had this build successful when run on my
command prompt. 
i had u/n and password of a and a respectively which i
tried it succesfully on both test and application 
when i tried to change the username and password to
something else say abc and abc respectively the test
was also successful, and obviously the u/n and pwd
didnt work on my application directly , i was
surprised and thought how to check the dynamically the
page authentication, like the test only recognises the
u/n and pwd (whatever it might be) set in the test
build rather than actual original values of the
application, is there any other way to do this .

and i have another problem with clickbutton its fine
untill the button is of type submit but when the
button is of type button it says no button was found
on the page.

hope, I ll have my questions answered by the
exprienced proffessionals here
thanking you


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