[Webtest] Clickbutton not finding the button

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Thu, 07 Dec 2006 14:43:26 +0100


I think that you didn't set the log level to debug correctly because you 
should get a lot of information like:
Examining button: ...
on the console.

To set the log level to debug you have to configure log4j for that 
purpose, for instance in WebTest's lib/log4j.properties and to ensure 
that the lib directory is contained in the classpath used to define the 
WebTest tasks.


PS: are you sure that your html code is well formed? The extract you 
provided contains for instance 2 src attributes for the image button. 
This single error shouldn't affect webtest but it quite often indicates 
that the whole page contains numerours other problems.

Whitfield, Jeff wrote:
> In one of my tests I am attempting to click on a submit button:
> <clickbutton description="Submit" name="STORE.DUMENT1.PSD" />
> but it appears that the button is not found.  In RESULTS.XML I am 
> getting an error:
>  <failure message="com.canoo.webtest.engine.StepFailedException: No 
> button found, Step: ClickButton at E:\Public\Tests Page.tst:84:  with 
> (taskName=&quot;clickbutton&quot;, description=&quot;Submit&quot;, 
> name=&quot;STORE.DUMENT1.PSD&quot;)"/>
> It looks to me like the button is in the HTML.  When I view the source 
> of the captured page, I can see it:
> <INPUT type="image" name="STORE.DUMENT1.PSD" 
> src="../langs/en-us/images/submit.gif" 
> src="'../langs/en-s/images/submit.gif'" value="'submit'" border="'0'">
> I don't see any help in the log.  With the level set to "debug", the 
> pertinent part of the log says:
>  >>> TASK STARTED -- ClickButton at E:\Public\Tests\Page.tst:84:  with 
> (taskName="clickbutton", description="Submit", name="STORE.DUMENT1.PSD")
> <<< TASK FINISHED -- ClickButton at E:\Public\Tests\Page.tst:84:  with 
> (taskName="clickbutton", description="Submit", name="STORE.DUMENT1.PSD")
> Any suggestions?  Can anyone tell me under what conditions the "No 
> button found" message occurs?
> Thanks,
> /Jeff L. Whitfield/
> Systems Analyst
> (313)227-0518
> 7W-2606
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