[Webtest] Cannot make verifyNoDialogs work for simple submit button+alert box

java@herr-der-mails.de java@herr-der-mails.de
Thu, 07 Dec 2006 14:51:04 +0100


that makes sense - "<verifyNoDialogs/>" is rather "<assertNoMoreDialogsToBeConsumed/>"


java@herr-der-mails.de wrote:
>> ... I still have to understand why ...
>Normally WebTest simply ignores dialogs. Think of it as automatically
>always clicking the OK button. By using the <expectDialog/> step you
>have taken control of dialog handling and are expected to create a
>list of the dialogs the user is expected to interact with. You are
>stating that you expect one interaction.
>Normally you then invoke your test. It would typically cause some
>JavaScript to be executed which would trigger the dialog and
>"use up" the first expected dialog from the list. It effectively
>then moves on to the next expected dialog. After running the test
>steps you would go back to the list to make sure all the dialogs
>in the list were in fact used. This is what <verifyNoDialogs/>
>In your case, you are following a slightly different path.
>You state that you are expecting exactly one dialog. The groovy
>code is then checking that in fact the dialog hasn't been
>used up, i.e. this could only be true if no dialogs were
>triggered by your application.
>Cheers, Paul.
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