[Webtest] help please

mamtha lalith mamtha lalith <mamthalalith@yahoo.com>
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 05:08:05 -0800 (PST)

hello everyone,
i have some problem testing my application,
it all worked well for first few pages, but one page
which has a button of "Add New" which adds new profile
the page actually contains some input fields like
personal details and a table of skills which
automatically generate a graph according to the
when ever i try to invoke this page or click a link or
button and go to this page the test never allows me to
instead it returns the HTML source code of the page
after test has been run on command prompt...
i dont know whats stopping me from getting into that
page donno where actually i m doing wrong, and as i
saved the repsonse true it shows the page which my
test isnt letting me get into quite strange :)
there is nothing wrong actually with my test xml becos
it did work for some other normal pages in the
but this page it isnt working at all 
it raises following exception
Step[clickButton "generating new profile" (7/8)]:
Script error loading page executing webtest at:
clickButton syntax error (Embedded script in
.......Source code.......
following the whole source code of the HTML page
i m very much stuck in this module since couple of
days and my webtesting has come to halt i need some
help quickly on this issue
help on this will be appreciated
waiting for reply on this

thanking you


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