[Webtest] clickButton not being invoked correctly

Mark McKeown Mark McKeown <Mark.McKeown@aepona.com>
Wed, 13 Dec 2006 12:30:43 +0000


I am encountering an issue when using canoo webtest to click a button on a page. When I click the button manually I 
navigate to the correct page okay but when I instruct webtest to click the button it seems that I do not navigate to the 
desired page (I remain on the same page). I have checked my HTML and it seems okay.

Does anyone have any suggestions about why there might be a discrepancy between what happens in a manaul test and a 
CANOO test?

The fragment of webtest I am using to click the button is:

<clickButton description="Click 'add new' button in 'Summary' page"

Thanks in advance,