[Webtest] [dev] Best hosting for a Maven 2 Plugin?

mraible mraible <matt@raibledesigns.com>
Wed, 20 Dec 2006 17:16:46 -0800 (PST)

What's the status on a Maven 2 Plugin for WebTest?  Did someone create one? 
Is it available for use?  I'm using the following setup and it works, but
it'd be nice to have less configuration code:

                        <taskdef resource="webtest_base_relaxed.taskdef">
                            <classpath refid="maven.test.classpath"/>
                        <mkdir dir="target/webtest-data"/>
                        <!-- Delete old results file if it exists -->
                        <!-- This is so the default will be used if no test
case is specified -->
                        <property name="test" value="run-all-tests"/>
                        <echo level="info">Testing
'${project.build.finalName}' with locale '${user.language}'</echo>
                        <ant antfile="src/test/resources/web-tests.xml"
                            <property name="user.language"
                            <property name="webapp.name"
                            <property name="host" value="${cargo.host}"/>
                            <property name="port" value="${cargo.port}"/>


Denis N. Antonioli wrote:
> Hi
> it's great to have more developers involved with WebTest!
> On 5 oct. 06, at 09:41, Marc Guillemot wrote:
>> Hi committers & others,
>> what would be the best place to put the sources of a maven 2  
>> WebTest plugin?
>> Ejaz Syed seems to have already a plugin he would offer as initial  
>> contribution and Peter Anning is ready to contribute too. I think  
>> that this help is welcome.
>> The different possibilities I see are:
>> 1- together with WebTest
>> 2- as new subproject of WebTest
>> 3- in maven-plugins.sourceforge.net
>> 4- as new standalone project on SourceForge or somewhere else
>> (1) would help to ensure that it is always uptodate but will make  
>> WebTest build process even more complicated.
>> (2) would make it like upcoming WebTestClipse and WebTestRecorder.  
>> Perhaps should an lightweigt strategy be defined to avoid extra  
>> work for Canoo for each WebTest subproject
>> (3) surely a great place for Maven plugins, Perhaps to far away  
>> from WebTest itself
>> (4) surely the easiest way but far away from WebTest and from other  
>> Maven plugins.
>> What do you think?
> I'm against (1), as the webtest project is already complex enough.
> I think (3) is the best solution: I guess it's the place where maven  
> users would first look for a maven plugin.
> And it is only a link away from the main WebTest site, so I don't  
> think it is 'to far away'.
> Best
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