[Webtest] problem with the proxy - grinder work

Michael Habbert Michael Habbert <Michael.Habbert@netpioneer.de>
Mon, 02 Apr 2007 08:13:17 +0200

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Hi Folks,

I wrote last week about my problems using webtest to record a web-session for our load-test with 

I wrote to the grinder-mailing-list and got:
 >First, I'll ask the obvious question: Did you modify your web tests to
 >tell the Apache httpclient library to use the TCPProxy as an HTTP proxy?

So what is my answer? Did I tell the apache httpclient to use the tcpproxy as an http-proxy by setting:

<setproxy proxyhost="${ant.proxyHost}" proxyport="${ant.proxyPort}" />

or did I not?

hopefully this is the reason of my http-timeout after some tests ...


Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Habbert

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Michael Habbert wrote:
> Recently we came up with a new idea:
> Why don't we start the proxy while our webtest are running?
> The idea is:
> 1. Starting the grinder-proxy.
> 2. Running our webtests
> 3. Stopping the proxy.
> 4. Running the grinder with the webtest-recorded script.py.
> Well after doing the configuration-changes the recording fails:
> ------------
>       [java]      [java] createSimpleWorkflowDef:
>       [java]      [java] [clickButton] ERROR (com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HtmlPage) - Error 
> loading javascript from [http://bendera:8888/adds/functions.js]:
>       [java]      [java] [clickButton] org.apache.commons.httpclient.NoHttpResponseException: The 
> server bendera failed to respond
> --------------
> So the proxy is still running (using the -console parameter), but no error-log, no recording script ;-/
> Without the proxy my webtests are running fine without any failure. Starting the proxy befor 
> starting the webtest the tests fail after the 12.th test with different not-responding-exceptions 
> (different js-files loading). In fact the failing test is not special - one of the prior test is 
> doing a similar test and works well.
> So is there a bug in the Proxy, who can I increase the debug-output of the proxy?

First, I'll ask the obvious question: Did you modify your web tests to 
tell the Apache httpclient library to use the TCPProxy as an HTTP proxy?

Best (only) debug for the TCPProxy is to run it in echo mode (don't 
specify -http). You should see everything it sees. Things to look for: 
Do you see an outbound request? Do you see the response coming back from 
the server? Are connections unexpectedly terminated? Check the server 
logs - any complaints there?

- Phil

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