[Webtest] problem with the proxy - grinder work

Michael Habbert Michael Habbert <Michael.Habbert@netpioneer.de>
Wed, 04 Apr 2007 12:24:01 +0200

Hi Marc,

So I monitored the proxy-traffic.
It points out as a OutOfMemory-Problem of the TCPProxy in Combination of the Http-Filter. Without 
the Http-Filter the TCPProxy had no problem to do his work. But with the Http-Filter all the data 
are kept in Memory.

So our "geschwätzige" webtest do overburden the Team: TCPProxy and Http-Filter. ;-//

thanks for your help.

Marc Guillemot wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> this is the correct config to tell WebTest/HtmlUnit/commons-httpclient to
> use a proxy. Who has http-timeout WebTest or the proxy? Have you tried to
> monitor the http trafic?


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