[Webtest] Resume after failing step

Michael Habbert Michael Habbert <Michael.Habbert@netpioneer.de>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:29:50 +0200

Christoph Sandrus wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I have the following question:
> Is there a way I can continue webtest steps after a failed step? (I wan=
> to execute the trailing steps also)
> I have now grouped my tests via the <group> tags. The best solution=20
> would be, if i can jump to the next group.
> I know I can split into many different webtest sections, but this would=
> be contra-productive, because I have to do a lot of steps to go to the =

> specific pages. (Login and so on)
> Any suggestion would be fine.

yes there is a configuration option:

 >    Required? No, default is "true"


Mit freundlichen Gr=C3=BC=C3=9Fen

Michael Habbert