[Webtest] Re: checking XHTML compatibility through webtest

Pedro Pinto Pedro Pinto <plpinto@student.dei.uc.pt>
Mon, 23 Apr 2007 21:53:49 +0100


i once had a similar problem and the simplest solution i thought of was 
saving the html response code in a ant property and then using another 
webtest inside the same ant target to call up W3C online validator. 
This isnt by far the best solution, but it worked...

> thanks for your reply,
>> If you have a "good" XHTML validator, it shouldn't be difficult to bind
>> it with WebTest.
> how to do that ? where to find information about that ?
> I am trying to keep webtest as the default testing mechanism.. I know
> I can use other tools for testing compatibility, but then I will adopt
> different worlds in my project with maintenance side-effects ....

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