[Webtest] Canoo WebTest releases version 2.5

Christopher Colebourn Christopher Colebourn <ccolebou@csc.com>
Fri, 4 May 2007 09:25:15 -0400

Can anyone point me to more information on this feature noted in the
release notes:

      "in-place viewing of server responses and browsing them like a motion

How do I re-play a test visually?  Is that possible?

- Chris Colebourn

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Canoo WebTest releases version 2.5
Download at http://webtest.canoo.com

Dear all,

the Canoo WebTest team is pleased to announce the release
of version 2.5 of our beloved open-source web application
testing tool.

Version 2.5 leverages the new AJAX testing capabilities of
HtmlUnit 1.11 that Canoo WebTest is built on. These
capabilities allow testing of dynamic web applications and
have been proven to work with popular AJAX frameworks like
DWR and Web 2.0 applications like Google Maps in WebTest's
typical effective manner.

WebTest users now have new steps available to work with the
application under test such as verifying radio buttons, working
with different web clients in parallel, and switching
between windows.
A particularly interesting new capability is to use the 'repeat'
step with an XPath expression to loop over all elements that
match this expression.

Speaking about XPath: inside WebTest you can even define
your own XPath function in Groovy and use it inside any
XPath in your test specification! Groovy-1.0,
the latest final version of Groovy, ships with WebTest.
With Groovy you can extend and customize your WebTests
in any possible way and enjoy the merits of dynamic
scripting support when the situation calls for it.

The team has been eager to keep up the quality at the
widely esteemed level of 98.5% test coverage. The
documentation now comes with an extra sidebar for quick
navigation around the available steps.

Test reporting - one of the distinctive strengths of
Canoo WebTest - has been improved even more and allows
in-place viewing of server responses and browsing them
like a motion picture.

A big THANK YOU to the whole team and particularly to
our technical lead Marc Guillemot for all the effort
that everyone has put into this open-source endeavor.

Dierk Koenig
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