[Webtest] Grails like Groovy testing in non-grails project

Andre Schaefer Andre Schaefer <andre.schaefer@raytion.com>
Fri, 11 May 2007 10:29:51 +0200

Hi Marc,

thank you for convincing Dierk. I look forward to have such a class in
WebTest.  I am unsure if I should attempt to write a WebTestCase on my
own in groovy, as I still do a lot of beginners mistake. In fact, I had
the feeling I did somethink improperly, like you pointed out: 

Am Donnerstag, den 10.05.2007, 21:07 +0200 schrieb Marc Guillemot:
> I don't understand why you start building your webtest test cases with
> the ant builder within an ant script (where you perform a taskdef for
> tasks already defined in the "main" ant project).

I was simply trying to meet two requirements:

* The webtests have to be started via ant targets in our project (to
integrate with our general build process).

* Invoke Groovy to do tests, similar to

The example I posted, was the first attempt which worked for me ;) 

groovy -Dwebtest.home=your_webtest_home test.groovy

did not work, as the groovy command did not pass on the -D argument

And I did overlook ${WEBTEST-HOME}/webtest.xml; thank you for the hint
(it is much nicer).

André Schaefer

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