[Webtest] No dynamic property in storeRegEx

Marcel Stör marcel@frightanic.com
Mon, 21 May 2007 15:40:23 +0200

Marc Guillemot wrote:
>> I did have a look at that before I sent the post (especially the XPath=

>> example), but I can't see how this would work with my requirements. Th=
>> "input" for repeat would be an regex query that returns n hits; n
>> myMenuItemUrl. Or I would have to create a collection of tokens (comma=

>> separated list, again driven by regex) and make use of antcontrib
>> <foreach list="${tokens}"?
> how does your source code look like? Where are the urls you want to
> extract? In <a href="..."/> tags? In javascript handlers?

Well, I haven't even bothered to completely understand the code. It's 
quite a mess. And since the app runs on a IBM Portal Server all the URLs 
are dynamically generated. At startup all the menu items are loaded into 
a JS array and only added to the DOM on mouseover. Hence, DOM-based 
operations are not applicable.


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