[Webtest] Log levels not recognized!?

Marcel Stör marcel@frightanic.com
Wed, 23 May 2007 10:53:17 +0200


> I know it's a silly question, but are you sure you're editing the 
> correct log4j.properties?

No not silly at all. You've got to cover your bases after all... But 
yes, I'm that I'm editing the correct file. I can switch log levels just 
fine. It's just that those JavaScript errors are displayed not matter 
what log level I choose (haven't tried 'OFF' yet, though).

> Unless told otherwise, log4j picks the first log4j.properties on its 
> classpath.
> Since some projects includes their own property files, this can be 
> confusing ;-)
> Since webtest build R_1523 (2007-03-20), the webtest shell/batch script=
> set
> the java property log4j.configuration to be sure that the correct file =

> is selected.
> Are you using the webtest.[bat|sh] scripts provided in the release?

No, we've got an Ant script that invokes 
${webtest.home}/resources/webtestsRunner.xml passing it the required 


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