[Webtest] No dynamic property in storeRegEx

Marcel Stör marcel@frightanic.com
Wed, 23 May 2007 11:13:56 +0200


> Here are a few lines form a test I did today that seems to match the 
> logic you describe and works OK:
>         <repeat description = "for each line in AKL page" startCount==
> count="5" countername="line" > 
>             <storeRegEx text="(\d+,)(\d+,)(\d+,)(\d+,)(\d+,)" 
> group="#{line}" property="Price" propertyType="dynamic"/>
>             <echo message="price using RegEx of #{Price}" />
> The only problem I have is being crap at regex I don't like the way I 
> have to repeat the group.
> If that isn't what you are trying to do, perhaps you need to give the 
> exact problem...

Well, the site I'm testing generates JavaScript menus. And since the app 
runs on a IBM Portal Server all the URLs are dynamically generated. At 
startup all the menu items are loaded into a JS array and only added to 
the DOM on mouseover. Hence, DOM-based operations are not applicable.

So, I want to parse all the navigation links out of that crappy JS code 
(the number of links varies), invoke each link, and do a few general 
tests on each page navigated to.

Constraints: can't use XPath (see first paragraph), need to use regex, 
don't know the max. repeat count, don't want hard-code menu item labels 
(i.e. parts of regex) in test script.


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