[Webtest] Can webtest behaviour be modiffied?

Michael Habbert Michael Habbert <Michael.Habbert@netpioneer.de>
Tue, 29 May 2007 13:04:32 +0200

Hi Francisco,

Francisco Javier Martin Gutierrez wrote:
> Hello:
> I am in trouble with a javascript function because webtest does not act=
> internet explorer. There is a difference. When you click on a page elem=
> an action is taken and then the function reloads the page without speak=
> with server (executing javascript code).=20
> But webtest behaviour is different because it asks server to reload the=
> instead of execute javascript code. So I want to know if there is any w=
ay to
> change webtest behaviour.=20
How can we know if we don't know anything about the Javascript function. =
Wich version of webtest you=20
are using? What is the JavaScript function like ...

This will help much.

Mit freundlichen Gr=C3=BC=C3=9Fen

Michael Habbert