[Webtest] Can webtest behaviour be modiffied?

Marcel Stör marcel@frightanic.com
Tue, 29 May 2007 14:24:22 +0200


Francisco Javier Martin Gutierrez wrote:
> I am in trouble with a javascript function because webtest does not act=
> internet explorer. There is a difference. When you click on a page elem=

If you expect to behave Webtest like Internet Explorer you're probabely 
barking up the wrong tree. Webtest - or HtmlUnit rather - shouldn't act 
as either IE, Firefox, Safari or whatever. It should behave like a 
standards compliant script engine.

> an action is taken and then the function reloads the page without speak=
> with server (executing javascript code). 
> But webtest behaviour is different because it asks server to reload the=
> instead of execute javascript code. So I want to know if there is any w=
ay to
> change webtest behaviour. 

Have you tested your script in various browsers? Do you see the same 
(correct) consistent behavior in all of them? Hence, can you confirm 
that the JS code is standard compliant?

To make a long story short, is this *really* a Webtest/HtmlUnit problem?


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