[Webtest] JWebUnit style plugin

Ed Smith Ed Smith <edsmithed@yahoo.com>
Wed, 6 Jun 2007 05:32:07 -0700 (PDT)

The ability to test both in a simulated client (HTMLUnit) and a variety of "real" clients with a single test.  If my application fails with IE, I can complaint all I want about its noncompliance with publish standards, but the majority of my users will still be angry with me.  Selenium is great for this kind of testing.  Of course, I may want to run continuous testing with HTMLUnit because it doesn't posses a browser.

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A stupid question: what would this bring?


Ed Smith-3 wrote:
> JWebUnit 2.X proposes the interesting idea of plugins.  You specify tests
> in JWebUnit lingo, but how the test is performed depends on the plugin. 
> You can choose from HTMLUnit or Selenium as your "real" tester.  Of
> course, this is all theoretical in JWebUnit as version 2.X isn't even
> working.  Has any consideration been given to taking this approach with
> WebTest?

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