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Ed Smith Ed Smith <edsmithed@yahoo.com>
Wed, 6 Jun 2007 07:18:53 -0700 (PDT)


Thanks for the answer.  I was hoping that a factoring out the interface would be easy enough then I (and others??) could look into writing a Selenium implementation.  Such refactoring could be useful even without plugins.  WebTest has already moved once from HttpUnit to HTMLUnit.  Of course, I understand that it's easy for me to say how easy interface factoring would be for somebody else to do ;).  I'd use Selenium RC for Java.

On the conversion side, I have looked for such a converter without success.  If anybody knows of one, I'm interested.  Writing my own is certainly a possibility.

As Paul said, a larger man power would be needed for this purpose.  If you're
interested, you're welcome (this is serious!).

You shouldn't underestimate the work for that. When you talk from Selenium
for instance, you probably mean Selenium IDE or Selenium HTA, otherwise it
is too limited. Even with that, many WebTest featureswould be missing, so
you would end up implementing something for Firefox and something for IE. If
you want to reuse your WebTests in Selenium, what about and XSLT to
transform your WebTests to Selenium tests?


Ed Smith-3 wrote:
> The ability to test both in a simulated client (HTMLUnit) and a variety of
> "real" clients with a single test.  If my application fails with IE, I can
> complaint all I want about its noncompliance with publish standards, but
> the majority of my users will still be angry with me.  Selenium is great
> for this kind of testing.  Of course, I may want to run continuous testing
> with HTMLUnit because it doesn't posses a browser.
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> A stupid question: what would this bring?
> Marc.
> Ed Smith-3 wrote:
>> JWebUnit 2.X proposes the interesting idea of plugins.  You specify tests
>> in JWebUnit lingo, but how the test is performed depends on the plugin. 
>> You can choose from HTMLUnit or Selenium as your "real" tester.  Of
>> course, this is all theoretical in JWebUnit as version 2.X isn't even
>> working.  Has any consideration been given to taking this approach with
>> WebTest?
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