[Webtest] formatting results

Marcel Stör Marcel Stör
Sat, 16 Jun 2007 10:32:36 +0200

Hi Lisa,

On 16. Jun. 2007, at 12:26 AM, Lisa Crispin wrote:

> Hi,
> I apologize in advance for what I know is an ignorant question, but  =

> I'm just hoping for a push in the right direction.
> We just upgraded to 2.5 (build1551) and are using the stylesheet  
> that comes with, WebTestReport.xsl .  It's nice.  It has places for  =

> graphs and histograms, but there are no graphs and histograms  
> coming up.  What would I need to do to get those?  I know nothing  
> about stylesheets, but am happy to learn if someone can point me to  =

> some resources.  Would love to have the bells and whistles.

If you check your Webtest root directory you'll find a "resources"  
folder. This is copied to you resultpath (location of Webtest  
results) as defined in your config when the tests are executed. Your  
result.html - or whatever it's called - containes relative path  
references to that folder. So, the folder structure would look like so:
    ...some webtest files...
          ...lots of other files...


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