[Webtest] Trunk build fails on MacBook Pro Leopard

Denis N. Antonioli Denis N. Antonioli" <antonioli@ifi.unizh.ch
Wed, 16 Jul 2008 21:47:08 -0700

Hi Paul

On 14 juil. 08, at 17:57, Paul Beck wrote:

> Denis,
> Hi. I am building with Java 5. I got it to build by placing the
> xalan-2.7.0.jar file in /Library/Java/Extensions. I looked on all the
> paths you listed, and I believe that xalan.jar (no version specified)
> was in one of them. I deleted it several weeks ago when I put the
> 2.7.0 version in Extensions, and I don't remember which directory it
> was in. At any rate, it almost completes the build now, stopping with
> the following error.

you should _not_ copy the xalan-2.7.0.jar into the Extension  
directory: jar files in this directory take precedence over any other  
jar file and this will, sooner or later, byte you again, as it most  
probably did byte you right now.

> /Users/pbeck/workspace/webtest/build.xml:1022: The following error
> occurred while executing this line:
> /Users/pbeck/workspace/webtest/build.xml:1178: The following error
> occurred while executing this line:
> /Users/pbeck/workspace/webtest/build.xml:741: Warning: Could not find
> file /Users/pbeck/workspace/webtest/build/releasetests/reports/ 
> WebTestOverview.xml
> to copy
> By this time, it has built all the necessary zip files for deployment,
> so I have not worried about that error.

I took everything fresh again, and the build completed without errors.
A missing releasetests/reports/WebTestOverview.xml seems to indicate  
that there was an error during the release tests, which are performed  
at the very end of the build.

> Have you tried WebTest with AJAX output? Did you see my post about WT
> looping? Nobody has answered it, yet I must believe that others have
> seen this behavior, as it is completely repeatable for me. It happens
> when I put a <sleep> before the <verifyText> or use the recommended
> "easyAjax" config parameter.

No, I didn't try Webtest with AJAX.


: 1.  What is the possibility of this being added in the future?
In the near future, the probability is close to zero.  In the distant
future, I'll be dead, and posterity can do whatever they like...  :-)
   -- Larry Wall