[Webtest] basic ajax test

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Mon, 21 Jul 2008 15:07:24 +0200


my guess is that WebTest is simply to fast here. First to be sure that
your AJAX librarie(s) are supported, you can add a <sleep seconds="5"/>
for instance after setting the focus to a field (how do you do it btw?).
This can be optimized later.

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Andrea Casalicchio wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm a newbie in webtest and I'm trying to create a test suite for my
> ajax functions, but i'm experiencing a big problem.
> I've got a simple form with tooltip loaded trough ajax in a cell at the
> right of each field: when you give focus to the form field ajax gets the
> tooltip from mysql and fills the table cell with a string.
> using webtest i can connect to the page, check its title, use
> clickElement to click the first field in the list, but when i try to
> verify that the cell content has been updated i always find it empty.
> I've tried lots of different steps reaching the cell content with xpath
> but the content never gets updated, what should i do? i'm making some
> mistake in my assumption? is there any step that i should use to
> accomplish this task?
> thanks in forward, have a nice day.
> Andrea
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