[Webtest] VerifyLinks

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Wed, 23 Jul 2008 09:51:21 +0200

what about ignoreForeignJSErrors?

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Conor MacMahon wrote:
> Hi David,
>             I had a similar problem late last week, some JavaScript
> files where changed on a public website I use verifyLinks on, but whose
> content I do not control. I got around the JavaScript error, by
> disabling the JavaScript validation via the config setting (i.e. note
> the ThrowExceptionOnScriptError option set to false):
> <config host="${host}" port="${port}" protocol="http"
>     basepath="${webapp.name}" resultpath="${resultPath}" saveresponse="true"
>     resultfile="web-tests-result.xml" summary="true">
>     <header name="Accept-Language" value="${user.language}"/>
>     <option name="ThrowExceptionOnScriptError" value="false" />
> </config>
> This may be too drastic for you, in that you may want to see JavaScript
> errors. However, it's good to know this can be a solution to you, if you
> don't get another from someone else.
> HTH,
> Conor
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> I have a site that I am testing with the following:
> <verifyLinks depth="11" onsiteonly="true" excludes=".*js.*"/>
> I want to test 11 levels deep and ignore any javascripts files. I'm
> still receiving errors for the following:
> I thought it would skip over this file since i didn't want it looked after.
> Also, does anyone have good examples of using reportLinks and
> ReportSite? Not quite sure the difference between the 2 except that
> reportSite appears to work if you provide the sub element and
> reportLinks just seems to short-circuit to true.