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Hi David,

There are 3 solutions to your problem.  Listing them all with pros and cons:

1. Use <option name="ThrowExceptionOnScriptError" value="false"/>
All the javascript errors will be suppressed. Execution   will not halt
because of javascript errors, but page execution halts whenever it hits any
javascript errors. This will be applicable to complete script.

2. use ignoreForeignJSErrors
This ignores the javascript errors on the visited page if host is different
from the current page

3. <enableJavaScript enable="false" />
This will not call javascript at all.  This could be used inside steps and
at your will for specific part of your code.

Based on your requirement you can use anyone of them.  We have used all the
3 options in our automation.

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I have a site that I am testing with the following: 

<verifyLinks depth="11" onsiteonly="true" excludes=".*js.*"/> 

I want to test 11 levels deep and ignore any javascripts files. I'm still 
receiving errors for the following: 

I thought it would skip over this file since i didn't want it looked 

Also, does anyone have good examples of using reportLinks and ReportSite? 
Not quite sure the difference between the 2 except that reportSite appears 
to work if you provide the sub element and reportLinks just seems to 
short-circuit to true.

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