[Webtest] adding jars to ant lib

Loehr, Ruel Loehr, Ruel" <rloehr@pointserve.com
Tue, 5 Aug 2008 20:34:20 -0500

Ah.  That might work for me two.  I was assuming the JVM spawned and got th=
e classpath when ant was launched, not when webtest tasks were.  I'll give =
that a shot and see how it goes.

Thanks conor!
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Subject: RE: [Webtest] adding jars to ant lib

Hi Ruel,
           I think we got around that issue here, by making sure the ant pr=
ocess did that copy for us...so, before you even call the webtest, ant woul=
d have copied those dependant jars to the %ANT_HOME%/lib folder. Not too pr=
etty, but it's still better than doing it manually.
           We now call the ant webtest task from within maven2, so webtest =
picks up those jar references from the maven.test.classpath. So yeah, just =
two ways to maybe get around that manual step?
Hope that helps Ruel,

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Subject: [Webtest] adding jars to ant lib

We have a number of jars that we need to have in our ant/lib folder in orde=
r for our webtests to run.

Examples include commons-logging, bsf.jar, js-1.6R7.jar.

I hate this as anytime a new employee comes up we have to fiddle with remem=
ber what jars need to be placed in their ant lib dir in order for it to wor=
I=92m a die hard believer in check out from SCM and just run.

Anyone have any tricks for getting these jars included on the classpath dyn=

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