[Webtest] Load/Stress Testing with WebTest

Leif Singer Leif Singer <webtest@singer.sh>
Mon, 11 Aug 2008 13:26:47 +0200


I use WebTest for functional testing and now need something for load  
testing. It would be great if I could continue to use WebTest for this  
-- is there a way to achieve this? Specifically, I would like to be  
able to execute the *same* test in multiple worker threads in parallel.

Marc Guillemot hinted at a feature in this space almost a year ago,  
and all I can find on the web is WebTestParallelInit -- which executes  
tests in parallel, but only distinct test definitions. Maybe there is  
a way to create copies of existing tests via Ant to achieve load  
testing using WebTestParallelInit? Does somebody have any experiences  
with this?

Other alternatives I'm looking at for load tests are JMeter and  
Selenium. If someone has an opinion on those, you're welcome as well.

Thanks in advance