[Webtest] Re: Add a custom Step

Kai Mütz Kai Mütz
Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:40:20 +0200

webtest-admin@lists.canoo.com <> wrote:
> Hi Kai,
> there is no tutorial about extending webtest with custom steps :-(

No problem. It works now. It was a question of putting the <taskdef/> and
the corresponding targets to the right place within the build files. And my
Eclipse Ant environment was not configured correctly.

> Is your custom step written in Java (personally I always do it in
> Groovy directly within the project)?

Yes it is. I have extended ClickLink in order to implement a DblClickLink. I
do not have any clue of Groovy thus I have choosen Java.

> Where did you put your <taskdef/>?

This was the main problem. No I have put it in "all" target of the
allTests.xml file. This seems to be the right place.

Thanks, Kai