[Webtest] Load/Stress Testing with WebTest

Leif Singer Leif Singer <webtest@singer.sh>
Thu, 14 Aug 2008 13:37:39 +0200

> We have used webtest in conjunction with The Grinder 3 to perform
> load/stress tests, with a great deal of success. It wasn't all that
> pretty and it was fairly manual but it did the job.
> The Grinder 3 is a load testing tool that natively supports jython.
> You can then centrally control many clients running the python
> script.
> Basically, I developed a python script to start Ant and run a
> specific test. I could then control how many times this was run, the
> ramp-up time, etc that you would normally do when load testing. There
> was a memory problem with this script which I never fixed and so we
> instead used the python script to run a .bat file instead (which just
> ran the ant script).
> I've send an email to the list with the scripts attached but it is
> awaiting moderator approval because it's too big.
It never arrived, did it? JMeter sounds somewhat more practical than 
this anyway. Thank you nonetheless!