[Webtest] Upgrade to htmlunit 2.2

Soula, William Soula, William" <wsoula@pointserve.com
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 10:30:19 -0500

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I have attached an example that I think demonstrates this, the page is kind=
a large, sorry.  I tried to attach the js files but they are too large.  I =
will send the one that is failing in 2.2 in a follow up email.  Using the a=
ttached file if you invoke the page and click the Save button you get the f=
ollowing results:

Htmlunit-2.1 - JavaScript error loading page file:/WebTest Head/tests/compa=
nyTest.html: Wrapped java.io.FileNotFoundException: \administration\applica=
tionConfig.do (The system cannot find the path specified) (script in file:/=
WebTest Head/tests/companyTest.html from (443, 34) to (0, 0)#459)

Htmlunit-2.2 - JavaScript error loading page file:/WebTest Head/tests/compa=
nyTest.html: TypeError: Cannot set property "returnValue" of null to "true"=

HtmlUnit-2.2 against the server - JavaScript error loading page http://qa-o=
pm-03/administration/applicationConfig.do: TypeError: Cannot set property "=
returnValue" of null to "true" (http://qa-opm-03/js/validations.js#925)

So the errors with htmlunit 2.2 are similar when using the server versus lo=
cally, but are drastically different than 2.1, as 2.1 succeeds on the serve=
r and fails locally because I don't have the redirected to page locally.

Does this help to find the problem in HtmlUnit-2.2?


P.S. FYI here is the code I was using:
<config protocol=3D"file"/>
<invoke url=3D"/WebTest Head/tests/companyTest.html"/> <clickButton label=

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