[Webtest] verifyText and verifyTitle don't report error

Mark Van Peteghem Mark Van Peteghem <Mark.Van.Peteghem@telenet.be>
Sun, 31 Aug 2008 18:18:08 +0200

I just started using CanooWebTest, with the version R_1716.

When I tried to verify the presence of a certain piece of text with
verifyText (no regex), I noticed that if the given text is not present 
in the webpage, the
error is not reported. The same happens with verifyTitle. This even
happens when I try to make the sample googleWebTest.xml fail, by
replacing "Canoo WebTest" with "Canoo Zebra", which doesn't appear in
the page.

Did I misunderstand the purpose of verifyText and verifyTitle, or is
this a bug?

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