[Webtest] Not only VerifyProperty keeps on failing after once failing, when nested in dataDriven

Anja Kunath Anja Kunath" <ank@combase.de
Tue, 2 Sep 2008 14:27:32 +0200

I found out that this must be a bug that concerns not only =
verifyProperty, but it concerns all verify steps. That's a real bad one, =


Anja wrote earlier:

I'm not sure if this is really a bug in your scripts or in mine, but I =
tried practically EVERYTHING to make it work, but it doesn't. The script =
looks like this:

<project name=3D"Einfache falsche Eingaben" default=3D"test">
  <target name=3D"test">
    <dataDriven tableContainer=3D"../TestdatenArtikelformular.xls" =
table=3D"test" replaceProperties=3D"yes">
			<webtest name=3D"${Testfall}">
				<config host=3D"${sonne}"/>
				&navi_to_new; <!--Navigate to new-->
				<group description=3D"Das Formular ausf=FCllen">
				&fill_in_recom; <!--Fill in recommended-->
				<setInputField name=3D"minpreis" value=3D"${Mindestpreis}"/>
				<setInputField name=3D"maxpreis" value=3D"${Maximalpreis}"/>
				<storeProperty propertyType=3D"ant" name=3D"${Testfall}" =
value=3D"Keine Meldung!"/>
				<expectDialog savePropertyType=3D"ant" =
				<clickButton label=3D"Speichern"/>
				<clickButton label=3D"Abmelden"/>
				<verifyProperty propertyType=3D"ant" name=3D"${Testfall}" =
text=3D"${Erwartung}" regex=3D"true"/>

As long as the verifyProperty succeeds everything works fine, but as =
soon as it fails once it keeps on failing because it doesn't take the =
new text from the table (column=3DErwartung). My problem is that I need =
the script datadriven, so I can't make the text static.
And I tried using dynamic and ant property. It's really not the property =
that's wrong, it's the text parameter in verifyproperty.
Please tell me what is wrong here. Is it my script or the function?