[Webtest] java script error i do not see in any browser

Søren Krum soren.krum@uninett.no
Tue, 09 Sep 2008 07:07:54 +0200

When testing some of my pages i want to set one of the options of a 
select on a page, but trying to do so via webtest causes a java script 
error to be thrown. That is a kind of strange because neither the 
Internet explorer nor the firefox produces an error on this page.

Anyone who has a good idea about the reason?

May be of some help: The error message the run produces is :

JavaScript error loading page https://myside/portal/forms/aksessliste/: 
TypeError: Cannot read property "body" from undefined 

and the method in js lokks like that:

HTMLArea.prototype.getHTML = function() {
   switch (this._editMode) {
       case "wysiwyg"  :
       if (!this.config.fullPage) {
           return HTMLArea.getHTML(this._doc.body, false, this); // this 
is the line 1733
       } else
           return this.doctype + "\n" + 
HTMLArea.getHTML(this._doc.documentElement, true, this);
       case "textmode" : return this._textArea.value;
       default        : alert("Mode <" + mode + "> not defined!");
   return false;

Do i have a problems of versions of js? Or is it just a version of js 
which is to new for the interpreter? The description of the HTMLArea 
(the js is part of it) says that it works for IE 5.5 or newer, Mozilla 
1.3 (or newer) and gecko.

Kind regards

Søren Krum

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