[Webtest] Re: No page after clickElement

Søren Krum soren.krum@uninett.no
Tue, 09 Sep 2008 07:15:07 +0200


i have some good experience with webtest so long, but now i run in some 
difficulties. I use the following environment:

java 1.5
ant 1.7.1
webtest 1714 (tried although 1716)

On a page i have an element which is supposed to open a new page and in 
that new page there should start an ica/citrix-application. As that is 
normally triggered through the response of mime-type ica-application I 
thought i could check after some text on the new "page", which is indeed 
an ica-file (if everything in my app goes right, sure, but it does in a 

so i did in the test as follows:
<clickElement description="Klikker på link for ABM KLIENT" htmlId="ABM"/>
<verifyText  description="the result should be an ica file with some 
specific things inside"
    text="[WFClient]" />
But even if that works in my browser (i get an ICA file as response, and 
the string is there), the verifyText fails. I tried to force webtest to 
save the result with save="abm", but i do not find a result file. :-(

Is ist possible at all to check a not-xml/html/sgml file? Is there some 
kind of mime-type checking? or am i on a totally wrong way?

Someone who has an idea where to start searching? I tried already 
removing the brackets as i do not know if that confuses eventually a 
regexp evaluation, but that did not help, the same with changing the 
webtest release...

Best Regards

Søren Krum

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