[Webtest] Re: No page after clickElement

Søren Krum soren.krum@uninett.no
Tue, 09 Sep 2008 14:30:53 +0200

I do not really get an error, the verifyText just do not find anything, 
what is not so strange if i have a look on the console log. that shows 
that webtest does not switch over to the other page:

[invoke] INFO (com.canoo.webtest.engine.WebClientContext) - Current 
response now: https://tro-portal3.uio.no:2443/portal/app/applist
[clickElement] INFO (com.canoo.webtest.steps.Step) - >>>> Start Step: 
clickElement "Klikker pσ link for ABM KLIENT" (14/68)
[verifyText] INFO (com.canoo.webtest.steps.Step) - >>>> Start Step: 
verifyText "the result should be an ica file with some specific things 
inside" (16/68)
INFO (com.canoo.webtest.engine.WebClientContext) - Responses restored
INFO (com.canoo.webtest.ant.WebtestTask) - Finished executing webtest 
"icafiler" (c:\workspace\portaltester\usecases\sj

Even setting in an sleep about a minute does not bring me to another 
page. The try fromthe browser takes something like 20 sec. May that be 
connected to that the ica-file is opened in another browser window/tab?

Best Regards

Søren Krum