[Webtest] verifyText and verifyTitle don't report error

Mark Van Peteghem Mark Van Peteghem <Mark.Van.Peteghem@telenet.be>
Thu, 11 Sep 2008 02:34:14 +0200

Marc Guillemot schreef:
> Mark Van Peteghem wrote:
>> I just started using CanooWebTest, with the version R_1716.
>> When I tried to verify the presence of a certain piece of text with
>> verifyText (no regex), I noticed that if the text is not present, the
>> error is not reported. The same happens with verifyTitle. This even
>> happens when I try to make the sample googleWebTest.xml fail, by
>> replacing "Canoo WebTest" with "Canoo Zebra", which doesn't appear in
>> the page.
>> Did I misunderstand the purpose of verifyText and verifyTitle, or is
>> this a bug?
> I don't really understand how you get this. Modifying googleWebTest.xml
> as you suggest, I correctly get (ignoring js errors as current js code
> seems to cause some problems):
> Message
> Wrong document title found!
> Current response
> http://webtest.canoo.com/
> Location
> /home/marc/fmr/aefWebTestProject/tests/googleWebTest.xml (line: 17)
> Details
> expected value	Canoo Zebra
> actual value	Canoo WebTest

(Sorry for the late reply)


I looked at this problem again, and I now suspect that the checks were 
skipped, because they have orange blocks in front of them in the 
results. I don't know why these steps would be skipped, there was no 
error before these steps, and I even set the properties haltonerror and 
haltonfailure to true, but they still have the orange blocks in front of 
them in the results. Actually in every test the first step has a green 
flag, all the other steps have an orange block.

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