[Webtest] javascript issue or not?

A Vander A Vander <avander_be@yahoo.com>
Tue, 16 Sep 2008 07:01:56 -0700 (PDT)

I did make a rather bold statement in an other topic on javascript support
in Webtest. Reactions on this statement seem to indicate that I must be
missing something, so I'll try to explain here why I made this statement.

I have an HTML page with a form that goes like this:
<select id=3D"niveauCode" name=3D"niveauCode"
     <option value=3D"invalid">S=C3=A9lectionnez une valeur</option>
     <option value=3D"AP">More options...</option>
... more html here

The onchange javascript goes like this:
function submitForm(formId, eventName){
=09document.getElementById(formId)._eventId.value =3D eventName;
... A classic javascript that will submit the page in order to update the
next select lists in the form.

Using a setSelectField I do not get the same behaviour ( that is, a new pag=
with updated selects) as when I use an equivalent invoke... so, using the
setSelectField I get an error page while using the invoke I get my updated
page and can continue testing...

So I'd like to have your opinion on wether this a javascript issue or not?


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