[Webtest] javascript issue or not?

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:12:37 +0200


if you get an error page from your server, you don't have a JS error but
maybe is the JS code not executed as you expected (which doesn't
necessarily mean that it is necessary wrong, see the problems with
Google home page).

Could you compare the request (POST? GET?) that is made to submit the
form in WebTest with what is made in your "normal" browser?

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A Vander wrote:
> I did make a rather bold statement in an other topic on javascript support
> in Webtest. Reactions on this statement seem to indicate that I must be
> missing something, so I'll try to explain here why I made this statement.
> I have an HTML page with a form that goes like this:
> ...
> <select id="niveauCode" name="niveauCode"
> onchange="javascript:submitForm('etudeForm','refresh');">
>      <option value="invalid">Sélectionnez une valeur</option>
>      <option value="AP">More options...</option>
> </select>
> ... more html here
> The onchange javascript goes like this:
> ...
> function submitForm(formId, eventName){
> 	document.getElementById(formId)._eventId.value = eventName;
> 	document.getElementById(formId).submit();
> }
> ... A classic javascript that will submit the page in order to update the
> next select lists in the form.
> Using a setSelectField I do not get the same behaviour ( that is, a new page
> with updated selects) as when I use an equivalent invoke... so, using the
> setSelectField I get an error page while using the invoke I get my updated
> page and can continue testing...
> So I'd like to have your opinion on wether this a javascript issue or not?