[Webtest] Testing Problem with OLAT Framework

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:37:07 +0200


you've masked the password, is that correct?

A quick test with (coming) release 2.3 of HtmlUnit using "****" as
password didn't produce any error when simulating FF2 but produced an JS
error in a setTimeout'ed task when simulating IE6. I couldn't test what
is the "real" behavior in IE6 as the page didn't load.

Can you provide more info and/or the needed password (you can send it to
me directly)?

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Patrick Berchten wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I've got a little Problem with my testings. I wanted to write a little
> test to control the working state of my OLAT Installation.
> OLAT is a web-based open-source Learning Management System (LMS) based
> on Java. --> Olat.org <http://www.olat.org>
> here is my script:
>   <webtest name="myLoginTest">
>       <invoke url="http://olattest.ktsi.ch/olat/dmz/"/>
>       <setInputField name="lf_login" value="administrator"/>
>       <setInputField name="lf_pass" value="****"/>
>       <clickButton name="olat_fosm_0"/>
>     </webtest>
> The error produced by the HTML-Result Page:
> JavaScript error loading page
> http://olattest.ktsi.ch/olat/auth/1%3A1%3A0%3A0%3A0/: TypeError: Cannot
> read property "b_body" from undefined
> (http://olattest.ktsi.ch/olat/raw/js/ext-2.0.2/ext-custom.js#31)
> My OLAT Installation can be found under: olattest.ktsi.ch
> <http://olattest.ktsi.ch>
> If needed i can add the whole webtest log.
> My thanks!!
> Regards
> Patrick