[Webtest] Testing Problem with OLAT Framework

Patrick Berchten Patrick Berchten <berchten@semafor.ch>
Thu, 18 Sep 2008 12:30:57 +0200

Hey Marc

Thanks for response. That's right i masked the password... I'll change 
the installation to a non-productive status so I can tell you the password.
The password is now "olat" without the quotes :-)

I'm using the webtest version 2.6 with htmtunit version 2.2.


> Hi,
> you've masked the password, is that correct?
> A quick test with (coming) release 2.3 of HtmlUnit using "****" as
> password didn't produce any error when simulating FF2 but produced an JS
> error in a setTimeout'ed task when simulating IE6. I couldn't test what
> is the "real" behavior in IE6 as the page didn't load.
> Can you provide more info and/or the needed password (you can send it to
> me directly)?
> Cheers,
> Marc.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Patrick Berchten

Semafor AG
4057 Basel