[Webtest] Running webtest without xserver->X11

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 We use this plugin.  All it does for us is include a link in the side of h=
udson pointing to the results.  Which is helpful as the link to the latest =
results is frequently broken as we build very often throughout the day.  I =
don't think this plugin "visualize[s] the webtest-results on the build-resu=
lt page."  Unless you are referring to the "Test Result" charting.

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Marc Guillemot schrieb:
> Michael Habbert wrote:
> [...]
>> Michael
>> btw: do you use the webtest-report-plugin? I tried with no success so fa=
> what's that?
> Cheers,
> Marc.
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Hi Marc,

I did start some webtests in my new company (hopefully we will be listed on=
 the Webtest-page in the future).
To do this not only by hand I installed a Continuous Integration System wit=
h name: hudson

this CI-System has a webtest-report-plugin (its a start), to visualize the =
webtest-results on the build-result page.


Its a start - may be there will be an update ... ;-)

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