[Webtest] How can i use wt:cleanText

Soula, William Soula, William" <wsoula@pointserve.com
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        <td name=3D"td">I have extra space after me

This works:
<verifyXPath xpath=3D"//table[wt:cleanText(td)=3D'I have an extra space aft=
er me']"/>

The other way to verify text in xpath is to use the text() function but thi=
s only works if there is no trailing space so it won't work in the above ex=
ample but will work in the following example:
        <td name=3D"td">I do not have extra space</td>

<verifyXPath xpath=3D"//table[td/text()=3D'I do not have extra space']"/>

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i can't find this possibility, how can i use it? Maybe you show me an examp=
le like this:

<webtest name=3D"my simple Test">
        description=3D"get Login Page" />

        call "wt:cleanText"

        text=3D"Login Page"
        description=3D"we should see the login title" /> </webtest>

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