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I don't understand why your test is failing.

Here are two suggestions for getting more information:

1) Add a "storeHeader" command to the failing step.

2) Install wireshark on the computer which is running webtest. Add the =
filter "http && ip.addr =3D=3D xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" where " xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" =
is the ip address for your test system. Wireshark will show you all the =
http requests and responses between your system running the test and the =
application under test.

My first guess is that for some reason you are not passing the player =
account information that you expect. You want to be 100% certain that =
you are sending the correct credentials to the application and wireshark =
will help you see that.

Good luck with it.


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I recalled that when user is logging as a player a password for the game =
required also. I tried this:
<clickButton label=3D"Play" username =3D "user" password =3D"pwd"/>

It did not work so can anyone help me with this?

mascis wrote:
> I'm trying to make tests for a web page that contains two kind of =
> admin and player. Our demo server requires a password like this: =
> url=3D"http://..."
> username =3D "root" password =3D"pwd" />.=20
> After this everything works just fine except for player trying to log =
> For some reason Webtest gives HTTP error 401 and Resulting page says:
> Authorization Required
> This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the
> document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., =
> password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the
> credentials required.
> Does anyone know what might be wrong? Everything works fine for admin
> logging so I'm getting quite confused and frustrated.

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