AW: [Webtest] Multiple <webtest> tags in one target

Habbert, Michael (Key-Work) Habbert, Michael (Key-Work)" <
Thu, 7 Jul 2011 08:15:40 +0200

Hi Eric,

I'm not shure if this a correct test-structure.

We do do not have any webtest with two <webtest> tags inside one project or=

Wenn we want to test a detail with different values we do:

        <target name=3D"test">

                <antcall target=3D"searchWithParams">
                        <param name=3D"callSeason" value=3D"${standard.test=
                        <param name=3D"callTheme" value=3D"${standard.test.=
                        <param name=3D"callKey" value=3D""/>
                        <param name=3D"callName" value=3D""/>
                        <param name=3D"resultString" value=3D"Es wurde\(n\)=
 \d+ WM-Projekt\(e\) gefunden"/>

                <antcall target=3D"searchWithParams">
                        <param name=3D"callSeason" value=3D"${standard.test=
                        <param name=3D"callTheme" value=3D"${}"/>
                        <param name=3D"callKey" value=3D"${
                        <param name=3D"callName" value=3D""/>
                        <param name=3D"resultString" value=3D"Keine Daten v=
orhanden bzw. gefunden"/>

        <!-- search for one season -->
        <target name=3D"searchWithParams" >

                <webtest name=3D"check PHP: Angebotsplanung/Werbemittel/Suc=
he - ${callSeason}/${callTheme} - READING!">




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Gesendet: Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011 19:35
Betreff: [Webtest] Multiple <webtest> tags in one target

I currently have multiple webtest tags within one target/project while it r=
uns all of the webtests I do not get the report for all of the tests. Looki=
ng at the output on the terminal I get a lot of exceptions thrown. Here is =
an example of my test file. I have cut out the actual url for privacy reaso=
ns. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

<project name=3D"xpress WS Test" basedir=3D"." default=3D"xpressWSTest">

  <target name=3D"xpressWSTest">
    <webtest name=3D"xpress WS Production Test">
        description=3D"xpress WS Test Production" />

        <verifyXPath description=3D"CID" text=3D"CID-0000002184319" XPath=

    <webtest name=3D"xpress WS Processing Test">
        description=3D"xpress WS Test Processing" />

        <verifyXPath description=3D"CID" text=3D"CID-0000002184319" XPath=

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