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Hi John, hi Eric,

in fact there is one switch to do this:

-Dwt.headless=3Dtrue will do the trick.



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Hi Eric,

There are two ant properties which you can define to achieve this:

You can define those in a property file, in your build.xml,  or on the comm=
and line:

webtest -Dwt.openResultFile.skip=3Dtrue -Dwt.webtestMonitor.skip=3Dtrue


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On Jul 13, 2011, at 11:46 AM, Eric Bunton wrote:

Is there a way to keep it from opening up the reports page after it is done=
 running the webtests? What would I need to change in order to modify this =
behavior.  And the same with the progress window of running the tests. I do=
n't need that to show up.

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