[Webtest] How to test html messages

Michael Habbert Michael Habbert <michael@kelikami.de>
Fri, 09 Sep 2011 18:11:41 +0200

Hi Lynn,

Am 09.09.2011 07:58, schrieb Lynn12:
> The application I want to automate uses Flash, but I was told that the
> application sends html messages when clicked in different places(For example
> the login button). So I was asked to automate by verifying these messages.
> Can someone please help me getting started on how I can do this?
> I am also using html fox to view the html messages( Not sure if I am using
> the correct vocabulary)

where are these html messages?

If you know ther xpath in the html-page you could check the text with 
verifyXpath in webtest.


Michael Habbert