[Webtest] Permgen, webtest, IntelliJ

Rob Rob <rob46@liveonthe.net>
Thu, 24 Nov 2011 13:58:05 +1000

I was on this list about 4 years ago, so greetings to some old timers
I just ran install-plugin webtest on an existing grails project under Intell=
It didnt run up out of the box unfortunately and I've had to change a few se=
ttings to get it to run a one-trick test from the command line. It still doe=
sn't run in IntelliJ.=20
The key problem I'm stuck on now is permgen.  In IntelliJ it gets halfway th=
rough and dies on permgen. At the command line it will run one test ok, but I=
've just added a second class with a single test and ... Permgen.=20
So I've read the searches and yes they all say to set the=20