[Webtest] WebTest Test Run Order

Wieland, Erica Wieland, Erica" <Erica_Wieland@sra.com
Tue, 6 Dec 2011 13:57:29 -0500

I asked this question a few weeks ago:

We've noticed that, when running our Canoo tests using the Grails
plugin, that the individual tests seem to run in sort of alphabetical
order with a test file, but not entirely. We need our tests to run in a
consistent order, and I'm puzzled as to what the order actually is, and
how to force the order of tests.

The answer I got back was:
	have a look at the TestSuite class and the suite() method.

	You can control the sequence yourself by implementing the suite

Unfortunately, I can't seem to crack the code to get the TestSuite class
and the suite() method to work. Any addl. advice would be appreciated.

Erica Wieland
SRA International, Inc.