[Webtest] initiating new webtest project

Murat Murat <murat.knecht@googlemail.com>
Mon, 23 Jan 2012 21:16:24 +0100

Hi Michael,

yes, there seem to be less questions regarding Groovy-based tests.

Not sure I can help you with =84big=93. But we do have both kinds of
webtests on the same project interoperating. The xml-tests test the
web-part, the groovy tests (just a few) do gui-testing on the
swing-part of the application.

What do you mean by transfering knowledge? We use the web-concerned
Ant-macros in the groovy tests. But why would you bother? You start
anew, right?

Concerning pitfalls: Not entirely sure what works out-of -the-box.
Since we needed to have setup and teardown code (for abbot tests), we
wrote our own Groovy runner for the Groovy tests, which basically
copies the behavior of the ant-runner. But for normal web tests, you
should be fine. :)


2012/1/23 Michael Habbert <michael@kelikami.de>:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm planning to initiate a new (big;-) webtest project on a starting
> software project.
> As I see It now, I do have two major webtest-setups:
> 1. Webtest executed as ant-scripts (Xml like).
> 2. Webtest executed as groovy-scripts (groovy code).
> Because the project is a grails (groovy) project I'm thinking about a
> groovy-like webtest-project.
> Is there anybody out there with a big groovy-based webtest project?
> Did you transfer your knowledge from your ant experience to customize the
> project?
> What are the pitfalls for migrating the concepts from ant to groovy?
> Right now the groovy-style seems to be the less traveled road, I am right=
> With kind regards
> Michael Habbert
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